Medicare Specialists

Medicare Specialists

Get Ready to Take Control of Your Healthcare!

There is so much that goes into Medicare planning that WE refer to the entire conversation as HEALTHCARE planning!  Do I need Medicare, how do I sign up, what product do I get, how do I handle long term care, medications and the insane costs within our healthcare system?  We’re here to talk you through all of those things.


We provide you with licensed insurance agents that can conduct business in any state in the US.  We take time, care and more time to help you get Medicare decisions right.  We might talk to you in 2018 and not again until you retire in 2020!  And, that’s perfectly OK.


We recommend working with an independent agency when purchasing your Medicare products.  We can represent just about every carrier in the Medicare space!  Think about it, when you call Large Carrier A and inquire about a product?  You typically aren’t going to learn about other options, other carriers, other product types. Right?  

We stay on top of the latest industry news, product changes and more – that’s our job. Then, we deliver that info to you.

Advisors, CPA's, HR...

Our staff is well versed in Medicare 101 presentations for all!  To financial advisor offices, CPA events and HR lunch and learns  – contact us if you need a speaker!  Joanne has spent time on TV and Radio in the past and enjoys the speaking opportunities.

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