Medicare Specialists
Medicare Specialists

Medicare Specialists

Get Ready to Take Control of Your Healthcare!

There is so much that goes into Medicare planning that WE refer to the entire conversation as HEALTHCARE planning!  Do I need Medicare, how do I sign up, what product do I get, how do I handle long term care, medications and the insane costs within our healthcare system?  We’re here to talk you through all of those things.


We work within the individual Medicare market AND provide group Medicare solutions for businesses. Many business owners are not aware of the premium savings (and better coverage for their employee) that they can achieve in handling Medicare properly.  

We provide ancillary coverage such as dental/vision/hearing and short term care products as well.

Our licensed advisors conduct business in any state in the US.  We take the necessary time, care and more to help you get Medicare decisions right.  


We recommend working with an independent agency when purchasing your Medicare products.  We can represent just about every carrier in the Medicare space!  Think about it, when you call Large Carrier A and inquire about a product?  You typically aren’t going to learn about other options, other carriers, other product types. Right?  

We stay on top of the latest industry news, product changes and more – that’s our job. Then, we deliver that info to you.

Advisors, CPA's, HR...

How would you like to be that special advisor that delivers your client excellent healthcare news combined with financial savings to their business?  Open the door to a Medicare conversation!  We care about total healthcare spend for individuals AND for businesses.  Your client will be pleasantly surprised and you’ll be the hero advisor!

Another gift for your clients, our staff is well versed in Medicare 101 presentations and we love to deliver them. We speak to financial advisor offices, CPA events, HR lunch and learns  – where ever you need us! 

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