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Medicare Gurus

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The Medicare system is confusing. It’s full of noise coming at you from family, friends, colleagues, insurance people, human resources, the government, etc. Phone calls pestering you. Your mailbox filling with solicitations. We totally get it. Why in the world do you have to deal with something so complex at age 65+?   (And, we’re proud to say that we’ve never sent a postcard nor bought a mailing list!)

We know that people just want to be educated about coverage that they might need, learn how much it’s going to cost them and understand how the entire process will work. They appreciate having a guide throughout the entire process so that the right steps are taken at the right time. 

We’re the guide! We’ve designed a one-stop Medicare decision help center for you. How do we do that? Baby steps. 

  • We’ll talk about what you want your healthcare to look like. Travel? Choose your own doctors? No unexpected bills? It’s your chance to choose what you want;
  • We’ll come up with a recommendation for you – you choose to use it or not!;
  • We’ll hold your hand and put the pieces into place one step at a time.

We’ll help you all the way from those first questions and issues:

  • Do I even need to sign up for Medicare? If I need it, how do I actually sign up?
  • How do I compare it to my employer or retiree coverage?
  • When does it all start and what cards do I use at the doctors?
  • How does long term care and medications get handled?

Then, we’ll help you arrive at that peace of mind place where you can finally stop debating and thinking about the Medicare madness. Put it on a shelf and get on with life.

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Boomer Services

We work within the individual Medicare marketplace which means 60 Million people in our country!  How crazy is that. 

We also provide group Medicare solutions for businesses, municipalities, retiree plans, etc. Most business owners are just not aware of the enormous premium savings (and better coverage for their employee) that they can achieve in handling Medicare properly.  Savings are big (10k, 20k, and more) and the coverage is (99% of the time) much better than your current program. If your group insurance person isn’t bringing you solutions for your 65+ workers, call us in!

We also coach people through purchasing the ancillary coverages you may need that Medicare isn’t going to cover.  Examples are dental/vision/hearing plans, short term care (can help with home health care needs), hospital indemnity and more.

Our licensed advisors can conduct business in just about every state in the US.  We take the necessary time, care and more to help you get Medicare decisions right.


We recommend working with an independent agency when purchasing your Medicare products.  We can represent just about every carrier in the Medicare space!  And, there are carriers that we like better than other ones and we’ll share with you our reasons why.  

These can be very long term relationships that YOU have with a carrier.  Remember that pre-existing conditions can and do creep into the Medicare discussion so you really should have a longer range view with  your coverage. 

Calling carriers directly to sign up.  You sure can BUT, think about it, when you call Large Carrier A and inquire about a product?  You typically aren’t going to learn about other options, other carriers, other product types. Right?  You also won’t have the assistance of an agent when you sign up directly. 

We stay on top of the latest industry news, product changes and more – that’s our job. Then, we deliver that info to you. 

Advisors, CPA's, HR, group health folks!

How would you like to be that special advisor that delivers your client excellent healthcare news combined with financial savings to their business?  Open the door to a Medicare conversation!  We care about total healthcare spend for individuals AND for businesses.  Your client will be pleasantly surprised and you’ll be the hero advisor!

Another gift for your clients, our staff is well versed in Medicare 101 presentations and we love to deliver them. We speak to financial advisor offices, CPA events, HR lunch and learns  – where ever you need us! 

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Boomer Health Group

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Google Reviews

Oemil Cortes
Oemil Cortes
19:53 11 Mar 19
Cameron was so helpful and very knowledgeable. Save my family so much money. I would recommend Boomer Benefits to anyone. They can answer any Medicare question. Joanne is also very helpful as well. Would recommend her as a quest to employers for lunch and learns to help employees. 5 Stars as I do not have an option to go higher!read more
Connie Swinney
Connie Swinney
14:52 09 Mar 19
Boomer Health Group is a wonderful place to get information about Medicare and what plans are available to you. They give you the information, let you ask questions and then you make YOUR choices. I met Joanne and Cameron at a presentation. This presentation was so informative! Although I had already signed up with a supplemental plan, I contacted Cameron and ended up changing my plan. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of their presentations, I highly recommend that you do so. And if that opportunity is not available, give them a shout and see what they might be able to do for you. They are here to serve their clients more
Tania Stavale
Tania Stavale
13:21 09 Mar 19
Joanne at Boomer Health was a breeze to work with. Extremely informed, tailors client needs on an individual basis, and very accessible. As a Medicare "newbie" I was overwhelmed with all the options, but Joanne assessed my needs and made the process very easy and it is working out great ... she has saved me considerable money while providing solid coverage. Highly recommend!!read more
Mark Macauley
Mark Macauley
21:19 08 Mar 19
I attended one of Joanne's seminars and was immediately impressed with how simply she explained all of your Medicare options. After one phone call with the intent of getting pricing for my options, I was signed up and ready to enjoy my Medicare benefits. I have recommended Boomer Health to all of my friends who are becoming Medicare eligible. If you want to feel secure that you have the best Medicare plan for you, call Joanne more
Joann Ballbach
Joann Ballbach
21:10 08 Mar 19
I'm so glad to have found Boomer Health! Joanne has already saved me thousands of dollars and kept me from making some serious mistakes with Medicare, especially in setting up initial coverage. I very much appreciate her keeping an eye on my health and drug coverage by reviewing it every renewal period--I feel like I have a big sister watching out for me. I have already recommended her to friends, and am happy to post this online more
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