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Medicare Gurus

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We’re tired of ‘salespeople’ as well.  Unfortunately, our industry is full of them. So….. we’ve designed a one-stop Medicare decision help center that gives you what you want.  It provides unbiased information, helps you enroll in the products of your choice and is here for you when you need us. 

Around that, we educate and provide you with information during the year.  All while NOT selling your personal information, lavishing your mailbox with mailings nor calling you incessantly!  Imagine that 🙂 

There is so much that goes into Medicare planning – Do I need to enroll in Medicare (lots of people think it’s mandatory at age 65 – not so), how do I sign up, what product do I get to supplement Medicare, how do I handle long term care, medications and the insane costs within our healthcare system? 

We’re here to talk you through all of those things. Click below and schedule a time to talk with one of our advisors at your convenience. 

Boomer Services

We work within the individual Medicare marketplace which means 60 Million people in our country!  How crazy is that. 

We also provide group Medicare solutions for businesses, municipalities, retiree plans, etc. Most business owners are just not aware of the enormous premium savings (and better coverage for their employee) that they can achieve in handling Medicare properly.  Savings are big (10k, 20k, and more) and the coverage is (99% of the time) much better than your current program. If your group insurance person isn’t bringing you solutions for your 65+ workers, call us in!

We also coach people through purchasing the ancillary coverages you may need that Medicare isn’t going to cover.  Examples are dental/vision/hearing plans, short term care (can help with home health care needs), hospital indemnity and more.

Our licensed advisors can conduct business in just about every state in the US.  We take the necessary time, care and more to help you get Medicare decisions right.


We recommend working with an independent agency when purchasing your Medicare products.  We can represent just about every carrier in the Medicare space!  And, there are carriers that we like better than other ones and we’ll share with you our reasons why.  

These can be very long term relationships that YOU have with a carrier.  Remember that pre-existing conditions can and do creep into the Medicare discussion so you really should have a longer range view with  your coverage. 

Calling carriers directly to sign up.  You sure can BUT, think about it, when you call Large Carrier A and inquire about a product?  You typically aren’t going to learn about other options, other carriers, other product types. Right?  You also won’t have the assistance of an agent when you sign up directly. 

We stay on top of the latest industry news, product changes and more – that’s our job. Then, we deliver that info to you. 

Advisors, CPA's, HR, group health folks!

How would you like to be that special advisor that delivers your client excellent healthcare news combined with financial savings to their business?  Open the door to a Medicare conversation!  We care about total healthcare spend for individuals AND for businesses.  Your client will be pleasantly surprised and you’ll be the hero advisor!

Another gift for your clients, our staff is well versed in Medicare 101 presentations and we love to deliver them. We speak to financial advisor offices, CPA events, HR lunch and learns  – where ever you need us! 

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