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Medicare Gurus

Clients love it, FAs look good….

It’s easy for me to go around and blab to advisors about how much your client’s appreciate some guidance with the Medicare process and decision.  But, when the FAs experience it first hand, it’s that much more fun for us.

We had an “office day” this week for a firm.  4 appointments were set up for an afternoon.  Basically, we’ll have an agent onsite for you in situations like this.  You schedule them; we will have someone there for you.

What I loved about this one is that each of the 4 FINANCIAL ADVISORS sat in on the session with their client. I love this for several reasons.

  1. Because the financial and insurance industry is pretty greedy and fee driven (in MY opinion), I love the fact that these guys (and it’s a mostly men industry) took this unpaid hour out of their day to sit alongside their client(s) and learn;
  2. It looks great to the CLIENT to have your advisor sitting alongside and learning;
  3. The advisor knows the client! So we can get that “hey, she has this issue that I think is concerning with Medicare” – boom, we can focus on the important stuff;
  4. The advisor learns how Boomer Health Group interacts with their clients! It’s like dating and building that trust factor between your firm and mine;
  5. Advisors learn how complex Medicare is and how much can go wrong to blow up that number you input in their financial projections 🙂  Whoops – didn’t factor in 8k of meds this year?
  6. These advisors are building a true team for their clients – for me, that’s what it’s all about. If you want to be the quarterback for your client’s world?  Awesome – just bring us in as the Medicare assistant coach.

Nice job, unnamed firm!  After the meetings were done, the branch manager was blown away with what he experienced and was shocked that they didn’t have all eight slots filled for the day.  My guess is that next time they’ll have all eight filled 🙂

Test us out; I’ll bet that we can enhance your firm’s offerings with very little work on your end.


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