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Medicare Gurus
Medicare Gurus

We’ve all heard that, overused by now, “financial quarterback” label. We find that most advisors really want to be that point person that the clients come to and ask just about any question of you. You want to be that provider of good information, help, and more.

At each community ed class I teach, I ask “who thinks to ask their financial advisor about Medicare?”.  RARELY will a hand go up.

So, if they’re not thinking of you and you want them to be, you’ll need to step up the game in Medicare-land.

Yesterday we had seven sessions with clients in an FAs office.  All day long we heard how thankful they were to their ADVISOR for bringing them a resource for Medicare help.  Some clients were 64, some were turning 65 and some were 68 and getting a plan evaluation.  We tied up the conference room while the advisor did their thing elsewhere.  If all it costs you for the day is a conference room being tied up while 7 sets of clients leave raving about your firm…. I think that’s a pretty good ROI.

I’m happy to say that Boomer is pushing the advisors out there that say that they are the financial quarterback to step up their game and be it.  If healthcare is approaching 20% GDP and your clients dollars are heavily skewed towards healthcare; I think that we warrant a place on your team.

And, speaking of football, please see my article this month in discussing the above!

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