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“Retirement Planning”

There are 60 million people currently in the Medicare system.  That number is growing by 10,000 people every day. Sooooo, guess what. There are a lot of “advisors” out there focusing on those numbers.  Here’s where Medicare comes into play.

So, when someone turns 65, in our opinion, they have to have a conversation about Medicare.  It doesn’t mean that they need to take it, sign up for it, enroll in it, etc — but, they should understand how it works to some degree and decide if they WANT to enroll.

Because there is the timing element of “turning 65”, carriers and “advisors” know that people are pretty in tune to that turning 65 feeling of “I have to do something”.  It’s far different than life insurance, for example, where people may feel they need it but it’s far easier to ignore and kick the can down the road, right?

So, that being said, you can imagine that there are many, many “advisors” trying to get in the door using Medicare as a lead to YOUR client.  And, we can tell you that YOUR client is absolutely, 1000000% looking for good Medicare assistance.

The knocks on the doors of those turning 65 people happen all across the country.  Your clients are given Medicare help by the door-knocker and the talk will pivot to “retirement planning”.  The person is in their home.  It can be uncomfortable. It can be intimidating. It can cause YOUR client to have a new advisor in their world.

Our service is designed so that we are never calling a 65+ person after 5pm (unless they are on our consult schedule and chose that time), we are never knocking on a door, we are never discussing “retirement planning” with YOUR client.

We are educating, we are providing them with a proper product for their Medicare coverage and we are updating our advisors accordingly about YOUR client. We stay in our lane and respect yours.

It’s crazy out there – be careful!

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