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Medicare Gurus
Medicare Gurus

Skilled Nursing *Warning

Hey advisors!  Boomer ran into a case this week with a 70 year old that finds herself in a skilled nursing facility.  She’s on Medicare and has a Medicare supplement via her employer.  All good – except that the supplement happens to be a Plan B.  As in outdated, archaic, and has gaping coverage holes related to —- skilled nursing. Of course it does.

So, after Medicare paid the first twenty days, she is now responsible for her co-pay of $167.50 per day going forward.

Oh, she’s expected to be in the facility until November. Yes, that’s a big bill.

Please, please, please ask your clients to review their coverage with a qualified Medicare advisor.  If that’s us? That’s great. If not? That’s great.

Protect your client, protect their assets, protect your reputation with them 🙂

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