Medicare Gurus
Medicare Gurus

We know but people are skeptical 🙂

We did two sessions yesterday for a financial planner (Danielle Holmes in Howell, MI – she’s awesome)….. There’s a couple that comes to the session every time we hold it.

So, trip #3, knowing that these two have a UHC Plan F, we said “ok, last call – you need to ‘downgrade’ your plan to a Plan G”. They, as normal, were a bit hesitant but we made the call with them.  UHC has changed their plan to a Plan G from a Plan F and they will save $700 per year and their new Plan G will require them to pay a $183 deductible per person.  Fair trade.

Here’s why we wanted them to make the call.  UHC is allowing people to call in before 9/3/18 to do this.  After 10/1/18, they are required to go through medical underwriting to change their plans.  This article yesterday offers a great explanation of the problems to come with Plan F. ARTICLE

After we made that call, we looked at their Part D plans which have also been with UHC – forever.  Uh oh. So, they said that UHC had finally worn them down with phone calls that they changed to mail order and were pretty excited to save $400 annually.

Yes, we ran the drug plans and found that they were each better off with a new carrier completely and had they changed their plans for 2018 they would have saved an additional $1,500.

Think it’s a good idea to get professional guidance vs relying on friends, family, TV commercial and the carriers pestering you?  Call us.

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