Medicare Gurus
Medicare Gurus

Age 64.5.  We get a lot of questions like “when’s the best time to learn about Medicare?” Our answer is pretty simple.  At age 65, every person that arrives at age 65, needs to make some decision about Medicare enrollment.

Now, what that does NOT mean is that they need to sign up for Medicare necessarily but they should really have a conversation about “hey, do I need to sign up? Not need to?”

After getting the initial lay of the land figured out, it’s much easier to continue your journey. You have peace of mind knowing that your group plan is fine, for example, or you’re funding your Health Savings Account and don’t need to sign up for Parts A OR B of Medicare.

But, maybe you know that Medicare is your next health insurance stop along the road and you then need to learn about your two choices of products that you should understand.  So, you get that set up (that’s what we do all day everyday!) and continue on….

Medicare can be less confusing when you take it in stages.  Please don’t listen to neighbors, friends, family members or the media that says “you have to do this”.  People are surprised to learn that nothing about age 65 and Medicare is 100% mandatory. At 65, you are ELIGIBLE for coverage.  That’s it.

Talk it through with one of our advisors (no fee to do that) and get your peace of mind that you’re doing things correctly as you approach age 65. If you don’t need us for a few years (product-wise)?  No worries, stay in our CRM so you have our contact info when you need us.

Cheers to Medicare-Ease!

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