Medicare Gurus
Medicare Gurus

We were fortunate to pop into a financial firm’s client appreciation event – wow, what an event!  Over 350 people in attendance.  I would guess about 60% of them to be Medicare eligible.

After the sessions, Gwynn and I were approached with a number of questions, concerns and more about Medicare. It’s the usual reaction we see “phew – someone I can ask”.

Cameron was off in another financial firm’s office spending some time with their clients…. so in one day we cumulatively unturned:

  • The worst Part D situation you can be in.  Person takes one Tier 1 generic medication and gets it at no charge at a local pharmacy.  However, an agent recommened the most expensive drug plan in our state – $102.60 per month (the “cadillac”);
  • A fellow who is 66 and on Parts A an B of Medicare.  That’s it.  Nothing else. He said he’d like to travel and be protected? Heck, he’s not even protected in his home from the 20% that Medicare won’t cover.  And has no drug plan;
  • Four people overpaying by large amounts for Plan F contracts;
  • A turning 65 year old that is confused and hounded by agents daily.  He’s succumbed to answering his phone in Spanish (love that!);
  • A wealthy couple enrolled into an Advantage Plan and they have no idea why and are surprised to learn how it works;
  • A gentleman stunned by the costs of Medicare’s Part B (high income earner).

Seems there’s a lot of educating to do, right?  Well, I’m flying to FL this afternoon to film some educational clips for a financial TV show and further our Medicare message.  Yell if you or your clients need help!  (clients can go to the schedule a consult button – no charge consults – it’s worth their time)

Happy Thursday!

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