Medicare Gurus
Medicare Gurus

Why do we do free consults?  Because we should!  There are unnamed firms across the country that will charge $85.00 for a 30 minute phone call. Or, $500 for a “Medicare evaluation”.

We won’t do that. Do you have to pay a home or auto insurance person a fee to have them quote your insurance?  Nope.  (at least we hope not!).  We work like they do.  Many will represent a number of carriers, find you the best company for your situation and then they are paid from the carrier.  That’s how we work.

So, people at times are a bit shocked that we are “free”.  The other day, a man said he’d like to pay me for my time if I would write up my suggestions in an email to him. I said “I’ll happily write it up but you can’t pay me.  You’ll work with me one day”.

So – why is this a big deal?  Because Medicare is confusing. We work with financial firms, CPA’s, group health agents, HR departments and YOU to get Medicare right. We take the extra steps and extra hand-holding that should come along with Medicare consults.

Advisor community: contact us quickly for fall sessions as they are filling for your firm’s seminar or in-house agent day.  If you’re a client-to-be? Hit our “consult” button and get something scheduled.

Feedback? We love it – please stay connected!  Our new Facebook page just launched as well –

We’ve been busy!  And Fall is our BUSY time!  We’re getting geared up; for sure.

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