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“My friends say their plan pays for everything”

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Have you heard your friend that is ON Medicare say that before?  We hear it all the time and we know that you DO hear that!

Beware – the people that are telling you that often don’t know what TYPE of plan they have so be careful about who you listen to.

When someone tells you that they pay “nothing” for allllll of their Medical care – including NOT paying a monthly premium (“so you are crazy to pay anything at all!”), my best guess is that your friend has a Medicare Advantage plan that has a zero premium (that part is real!).  AND – here’s the kicker – they are healthy as can be!  So if you have a plan that costs you literally nothing and you rarely, if ever, go to the doctors, then I’m going to agree with them that it’s pretty darn free!  Awesome for them.

Let’s visit the other 99.9% of people that this method won’t work for them.

Your other friends struggle with some conditions, go to the doctors pretty frequently, might have physical therapy a few times a month and now THAT person is tell you, “Oh, I pay nothing when I go each time”.  Can that be true? That surely doesn’t sound like the healthy person, does it?

Yes – that CAN be true.  Absolutely can be. Most of the time the person still can’t communicate what “type” of plan they have but they have a Medigap contract.  And, if they have a Plan F, then that plan DOES pay 100% of everything they’re doing as long as Medicare covers the charge. But, they ARE paying a monthly fee for that plan that can range from $140 a month all the way up to the $400 a month that we’ve seen.

So, we like Medigap but we like Plan G.  There are some issues with Plan F and Plan C that your boastful buddies should know about.

But, long story short, be careful about who you’re listening to.

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