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Retiree plans…. if you use an “exchange”….. Beware.

So, I happen to really, really dislike “the exchanges” out there that are used by companies to provide Medicare assistance/sales for their retirees.

I just had another call with a UPS retiree that is able to get a stipend annually but is also directed to “the exchange” to talk about Medicare options.  She knew heading into the call that she can have an Aetna Plan G with me for $99 a month.  The agent she got on the line said “why wouldn’t you do a Plan F to have no deductible at all?  I asked Sue “did he know what your health is like?” She said “yes, I told him”. Sue has had cancer, brain tumors, been on disability for years and is now turning 65.  It’s critical that she get the best plan she can right now.  Which is NOT an F !!


So, Mr Employer – you send your retirees off to get that type of treatment….  I think it’s rotten.

Luckily Sue can purchase her Medigap through me but they do make it a hassle for her to be reimbursed.  Of course, steerage to the exchange.

My own father isn’t so lucky.  At 78, he’s losing his retiree coverage with Consumers Energy.  Good part? They have a nice annual HRA to use to pay for it.  Bad part? They HAVE to use the exchange or they can’t use the HRA money.  So, we peeked at his plan options?  Wouldn’t you know it, his Plan G’s are about 20% higher and he can’t use his daughter as his agent.

If you work with Boomer, you can rest assured you won’t get that treatment.  Good luck out there ~

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