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Medicare Gurus
Medicare Gurus

It’s Getting Closer

You are now entering the time period when you are able to sign up for your Medicare Part A and B coverage.  You can sign up three months prior to your birthday month, the actual birthday month and the three months following your birthday month.  (the sooner the better in my opinion IF it’s been determined that you should sign up for Medicare’s Part B coverage) 

If you are already collecting social security benefits, you will be receiving a Medicare card automatically enrolling you for Parts A and B.  Not collecting benefits yet?  You’ll need to apply for Parts A and B if it makes sense to do so or if you are required to do so.  

Let’s talk about how to sign up, when to sign up, should you sign up (For example : are you insured through a small (under 20 people) group employer?  If yes, then you must sign up)

And, one of the biggest reasons for us to talk is that as you enroll in Part B, you have a special six-month window of opportunity to purchase a plan without any medical underwriting.  That means that if you have a chronic condition, for example, you sign up and that’s it.  You pay a premium, the carrier provides you coverage.  If you miss your window here, Medigap carriers can deny coverage.   And, it’s good coverage.  And good coverage protects your assets.  Be sure you understand how this all works. 

Call or email me to schedule a time to talk.

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