Medicare Gurus
Medicare Gurus

More About Boomer Health Group

Boomer Health Group was created to help those approaching Medicare eligibility or those currently enrolled in Medicare better understand what they are purchasing and how their choices may affect their long-term outcomes regarding care, finances, etc.

After 30 years in the insurance and financial space, Joanne identified the niche within the “Boomers and more” population. Told time and time again by new clients, “I didn’t know where to go for help”, she created Boomer Health Group.

Generically, HR departments, the financial advisor community, CPA’s, and other professionals are not well versed nor educated in Medicare decisions. And, we don’t advocate that they become so. We do suggest pairing your practice with a specialist that can help your client.

We know that the expense of healthcare outpaces most other costs. The likelihood of requiring care increases with aging. And, families and individuals are struggling to navigate our healthcare system properly.

We bring education, tips, tools, ideas and advice to the end user client AND the entire advisor community.

We consult with those approaching age 65 and the Medicare decision. Do I need to sign up? If yes, how do I do so? What does Medicare cover? How do we handle prescriptions? What doctor can I go to? What happens if we travel?

No two situations are alike. We provide no fee consultations to those nationwide. We are compensated by insurance carriers. We provide seminars, webinars, workshops, etc. for clients, advisors, benefits departments, HR departments, CPA groups and more.

Target market: Age 64+, advisor community, HR departments, CPAs

My expertise lies in knowing what the financial advisor community ISN’T talking about. I sat with 25 financial advisors in a firm that rarely uttered the word “Medicare”. That’s wrong. That’s hurting families without even realizing it.

After realizing this lack in the industry and entering the Medicare space 100% of the time, I see an ever-growing need for good information for clients to make good choices. I meet people constantly that didn’t know what they purchased until they were sick, using the plan and are possibly stuck due to pre-existing conditions.

We help seniors make better informed decisions about healthcare.

• It’s educating them before they ever have to make their product choice.
• It’s helping them to understand that Medicare wasn’t designed to be long term care insurance. It’s helping the client get back to their financial advisor to continue that discussion.
• It’s helping them find the pharmacy for $75.00 a month for generics vs. $2,800 with their brand medication via their group insurance.
• It’s so many other things that we’ll run out of paper!

We team up with the financial community to complement their practice. I let my Series 6, 65 and 63 licenses go in 2017.

Our job is to make the financial planner look like a rock star in the client’s eyes and to help that client to become at ease with their healthcare decisions – one of the most important pieces of a 65+ person’s world.

Medicare would complement ever advisor subscribed to HPN as we all know someone in the USA age 65 and over. I would think this topic would fall under the Product/Speaker Network.

When speaking, I like to give the advisor enough information to be dangerous but stop them short of handling the Medicare decision for the client. Unless they specialize, they can certainly cause more harm than good.

I’ve been teaching Medicare 100% of the time for the past two years. I have:

• Done three one-hour shows on Detroit radio, WJR and the Patriot
• Delivered 5 minute monthly clips on WDIV’s Live in the D – 2017
• Presented to a number of MICPA groups
• Educate at Broker/Dealer firm meetings
• Ongoing training webinars for LPL, Southfield, MI
• Lead Community Education classes in five Michigan cities throughout the year
• Ameriprise quarterly seminars for clients
• Led two seminar days with 800 seniors visiting for WJR in Fall, 2017
• Spoken with retirement home groups
• Led lunch and learns for various employers
• Scheduled for TopAdvisorMarketing podcast in March
• Scheduled to speak at the W Michigan Health Underwriters Conference in April

When you live Medicare 24/7, you learn it. I happen to have a passion for delivering the information to the public in an educational (non-sales) way. That is probably one of my greatest strengths; I’m a horrible salesperson.


Thank you!

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