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Medicare Gurus

Plan B… Part B…. HELP!

Too many “B’s”…..

This time we’re talking about Medigap Plan B. (Not Medicare’s Part B).  Medigap has the “alphabet soup” of plans, remember? We don’t often see Plan B’s but they are out there!

Please take 30 minutes with us to review your plan every so often…. Here’s why.

We had a person call for assistance this week. She has Medigap Plan B and has been in a skilled nursing home for….. 22 days now.  Well, Medicare pays days 1-20. The Medigap Plan G that we often recommend would then pay the co-pay of $167.50 for days 21-100.

Guess what Plan B doesn’t cover?  You got it- skilled nursing.  This woman is now having to pay the daily $167.50 and she’s expected to be in the facility for another six weeks.

We have no way of helping her, but we can help you to review your plan so something like this can be avoided for you and your family.

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