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Medicare Gurus
Medicare Gurus

Joanne Giardini-Russell

Medicare Guru & BHG owner

I’ve got a fair amount of Pollyanna in me. I want my Medicare clients to be happy as can be with our service and I want to teach the world to stop overpaying for healthcare. That’s it!

Yes, of course those are two lofty goals. So, to narrow that down, my focus is on bringing the value add to your financial planning practice and/or organization. I created Boomer Healthcare to simplify Medicare. Every person turning 65 must face Medicare’s mass confusion. When they engage with our service, that person is less stressed and finally enrolled into an appropriate product that they understand. So, they love us and they love you for referring us. Pretty simple, actually.

Businesses – you often need help in determining if an employee should move to Medicare. Group insurance is often not the best option.

Consumers need help with cost transparency – that could be helping my seniors to use GoodRx as an app on their phone to find lower cost prescriptions or it can be introducing a benefits rep to a cost containment tool called Pratter that can save self-funded companies enormous sums of money. And, I mean enormous. Healthcare costs are destroying our country, our senior’s lifestyle, and more. So, I’m doing my part in trying to knock some common sense into the world.

Speeches, webinars, seminars, lunch & learns – contact me to arrange. Medicare coaching will help you stand out in the crowd as you deliver a unique, and no cost to you, service for your client, employees, etc.

You may know that I have another role as a channel partner. I love what Bill Hennessey, MD has created and he’s got a burning desire to bring change to the healthcare system. If you have a self-funded company and would like to meet Bill, message me and I’ll make it happen.

Cheers to good and efficient healthcare choices for all!